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Today's customers are always on the go and want their products faster and cheaper than ever before. Global interconnectedness is growing. That's why you need a powerful, international network to manage your supply chain. With 380,000 people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, we're reaching more people than ever. And, as we're already thinking about what the world in 2050 might look like, we're preparing for the logistics challenges that lie ahead. Because we're not only delivering packages. It's our goal to bring joy and prosperity to the people we serve. Everywhere. Every day.

  • Canal Transit Services

    Carniv can arrange all documentation and procedural requirements in relation to canal transit through any navigable route

  • Terminal Management and Procedures

    An integrated service package that utilises the experience and expertise of our in-house terminal specialists to help clients control and save on all port-related requirements.

  • Fast delivery

    A highly efficient supply-chain distribution network for equipment and marine parts, and ships spares.

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